Monday, 1 June 2009

Cheapside - the city's oldest, and newest market

The plans for Cheapside are some of the most interesting in the City, and an area I will return to again and again I imagine. The Corporation are driving this area as a centre for retail, and, for what I can see the first time, supporting it as a weekend destination. Of course, originally it was the City's oldest and largest market, and a thriving shopping area up to the second world war, when it was largely destroyed and the shops moved out permanently to the West End. After the War it was rebuilt as a pretty grim office street. Its still fairly grim, architecturally wise, but could once again be a shopping area. This should all be going ahead over the next year or two, and I will be keeping a close eye on it.

A couple of interesting websites -

Cheapside Area strategy

Interesting PDF booklet, showing what they plan for the Cheapside area. The Cultural Programme seems particularly interesting.

in cheapside - seems to be aimed at almost at retailers, trying to get them to sign up to their Cheapside inititative.

"Cheapside is becoming one of the City of London’s most prestigious shopping destinations, offering visitors a variety of contemporary retail and leisure facilities seven days a week."

We'll see if that happens - if it does, then it would change the face of the City of London, in my opinion indesputably for the better.

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