Friday, 24 April 2009

Welcome to OtherCity!

Hello all! Welcome to my blog!

This is a blog about the City of London. Not Greater London, the City of seven million that stretches across Southern England - and not the financial City of trillions of pounds that turned out to be more boast than being.

This is a blog about the City, the famous square mile, but about the other City - the City that was founded two thousand years ago, that for most of London's history was all the City that existed, the City within the walls. The City of Pepys and Johnson, the great plague and the great fire, ghosts and ghouls, taverns and churches.

That City has suffered much - Victorian 'improvements', German bombing, Sixties developers, and international business that cared little for its surroundings and above all the relentless growth of Greater London, a child that came close to suffocating its mother.

Yet patches of that City still remain - an alley here, a pub there, a church on every corner. This blog is on those survivors - their past, their present, and what may become of that OtherCity in the future.

All your comments - positive and...'constructive'... are more than welcome.

Thanks for reading OtherCity!


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